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Yesterday we headed off to Niagara Falls. Coming from such an arid country as Australia the volume of water coming over Niagara totally blew us away. We enjoyed the boat ride under the falls first, complete with very becoming plastic ponchos (for which we were very grateful) and then a trip above Horseshoe Bay to see the incredible volume of water above the falls. After lunch it was off to one of the many local wineries for some wine tasting. We finished our tour with a look around the picturesque town of Niagara on the Lake. So beautiful. Here are a few pics from our day - Image
This afternoon we arrived in The Big Apple so look out for a NYC update soon. XxLinda and Co

Our travels

Usually I keep my blog very craft related but you will not see much craft on here in the coming weeks as we spend some time seeing the world instead. So as a means of keeping up with those family and friends who have not got facebook I will document our travels on here and hopefully you will all enjoy a peak into our travel lives. Our journey began on June 14 with our flight to Las Vegas. Wow it certainly is a feast for the senses. A lot of fun for all. So many weird and wonderful people to check out. We went to The Beatles Cirque de Soleil show " Love" while in Vegas and it was absolutely spectacular. Another highlight was our helicopter flight over The Grand Canyon. I was freaking out about it but I'm so glad we did it as it was just a marvellous way to see such an amazing natural wonder. Here's a few pics from our time in Vegas ... Image
Currently we're spending a few days in San Francisco so I'll be back to share the sights soon.

So - did you miss me???

Well you may not have even realised but I've been away for a week :)

Last Saturday my family, with my Mum and my nephew jumped on board this in Brisbane.....


(oh how we loved the sight of that wonderful Maroons banner :-)))) Yaaaaay QLD!!!!

....we saw this.....


...looking back from the Isle of Lifou.....

where the Melanesian women adorned us in these and fed us some of their traditional lap lap.....


....before we moved on to Vanuatu where we met this fellow.....


and learnt some amazing details about life for the traditional ni-Vanuatu.

Seeing our ship from different angles never ceased to amaze us.....



It was the most amazing holiday and I am so very happy to be able to say that because I seriously had to face my fears getting on that ship - yes I've seen the movie "Titanic" and I have in the past been very fearful of cruising but Mum "harrassed" me over many years until I finally gave in....and I'm so glad I did - I felt as safe as houses and we were so very well looked after it was a dream vacation :-)))

And now it's back to reality!!!! ....and washing and cooking - oh lord I'll actually have to get off my butt and cook dinner tonight - what a shock that will be - not to mention it won't be a 3 course meal as we've come accustomed to for the last 7 nights.


Aaaaah what wonderful memories we have :-))

So, I'm looking forward to getting busy with my July projects for Scrapbook Boutique and Manor House Creations and I'll be back on Tuesday to share the first of card for July's Scrapbook Boutique Blog Hop Challenge....I hope to see you then:-))