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We added Singapore to the end of our itinerary to cut the flying time home in half and hopefully get any major jet lag out of our systems before arriving home. Let's hope it works lol. We've therefore had a pretty cruisey time here involving a little sight seeing and a little recuperating. Image
Our first day in town was Singapore's National Holiday to mark the end of Ramadan (a month of fasting and prayer for Muslims) and boy was it busy! We've mastered travelling on the trains and have found them to be an easy and efficient way to get around. The new Marina Bay Sands Luxury Shopping Centre is impressive (bar the toilets) and a wander along Orchard Rd is a must. Obviously Singaporeans (and their visitors) love to shop - there are more shops here than anywhere else we've been. Singapore Slings were also enjoyed at the iconic Raffles Hotel - the perfect refreshment for a steamy Singers afternoon. Image
Sadly that brings our jet-setting to an end (for now) as we fly home Wednesday evening and will be back in our own homes by mid-afternoon Thursday. It will be awesome to give the kids a big cuddle:) How on earth will we adjust to life back in the real world after 7 weeks of tremendous travels? Who knows but it must be done - how else will we save for the next trip:) Thanks for reading ...bye for now. xxLinda, Bruce, Chris and Ang.


Pop (Bruce's Dad, born in Holland) said there were a lot of push bikes in Amsterdam - but that is a total understatement. At Centraal station everyday there are 12000 bikes left as people head to work. In a population of 750 000 people, there are more than 550 000 bikes. They say the canals are 3 metres deep - one metre mud, one metre water and one metre bikes. They have bike fishing to retrieve them from the canals. We've lost count of the number of times we've nearly been hit by cyclists. While eating lunch we witnessed 3 near misses between bikes and scooters. They are everywhere! On pavements, roads, tram tracks. Anything goes and it takes some getting used to. In spite of the dangers and the obvious risk to life and limb ;) we've soldiered on to bring you this photographic update ... Image
Bicycle fishing Image
The boys enjoyed the soup of the day:) Image
We caught up with the boys Uncle and cousins in Breezand outside of Amsterdam. Image
Family time Image
A traditional Dutch mill. Image
A gorgeous canal home in Amsterdam. Next (and last stop) - Singapore, as our marvellous journey comes to an end:( xLinda, Bruce, Chris and Ang.

Loving London

We were really spoilt when in London as we had the boys' cousin Andrew to show us the sights and he did an awesome job. We walked and walked for 3 days, and occasionally jumped on The Tube, cramming in as much as we could. We experienced classic English Pubs and cobble-stone streets, saw churches and bridges, parks and gardens and oggled at gorgeous ornate architecture. Here's a few sights we enjoyed - Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, The Museum of London, Parliament House, walks along the Thames, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park, Harrods, the town of Richmond, the Serpentine River, the Princess Diana Memorial Walk and Trafalgar Square. A visit to London certainly brings the Monopoly Board to life before your very eyes. Here's a few of the gorgeous pics Bruce captured - Image
Changing of The Guard at Buckingham Palace Image
Tower Bridge Image
Big Ben Image
The Houses of Parliament Image
Please excuse the unfortunate wrapping of the pics and text - hope you'll be able to work out what's what. This afternoon we arrived in The Netherlands - birthplace of the boys' Dad. An update from Amsterdam and surrounds soon... xLinda, Bruce, Chris and Ang.