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A Caring Hearts Card Drive Update...


Wow - I have been blown away by the response to the Caring Hearts Card Drive.

The cards have been pouring in each day and by tomorrow afternoon when the last cards get here we will have 450+ cards....woohoo!

I have organised 7 Nursing Homes to receive the cards and they are delighted by this venture.

Thank you so much one and all for your fabulous efforts.


From my point of view it has been a wonderful experience - restoring my faith in mankind to see the care and attention that has gone into these cards and to read the heartfelt messages inside. 

Last night I was completely blown away by a Melbourne family who worked together to send 31 cards with 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 18 writing beautiful messages inside their cards - just fab stuff!

These cards are really going to mean something to their recipients at Christmas and what a great feeling that is. I am so happy that you all got behind this and that we could add to Vera's Venture and spread her idea internationally :)

With darling daughter on holidays as of this week I got her busy today adding a label to each envelope so straight away the recipients will know how these cards came about....


I look forward to receiving another 125 cards tomorrow from Deb and the children of Bundoora SS in Melbourne. Sounds like they have had a lot of fun decorating their cards for the elderly - thanks all!


Let's do it all again next year !